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S.O. OI² 10 latest News and Background

- 30 November 2011 : Complete translation of this site in English.

- September 2011 : Presentation at the Fringe conference, ESA-ERIN, Frascati, Italy

- 21 July 2011 : Confirmation of acceptance by the DLR of project XTI_GEOL0224 « Monitoring Topographic Changes and Ground Displacements at Volcanoes with TanDEM-X», submitted as a response to the AO TanDEM-X issued by the DLR. Twenty TanDEM aquisitions are planned up to the end of 2011.

- 12 July 2011 : Confirmation of acceptance by the DLR of the GEO1165 project « Enhancement of the Kalideos Remote Sensing Databases using TerraSAR-X data - Application to Volcanology », submitted on the 21 June 2011, in collaboration with the CNES. A credit of 80 TSX Stripmap images is obtained for the period 2011-2013.

- 28 June 2011 : Transfer of the INSU funds (granted to the S.O. in 2011) from the IPGP to the OPGC.

- June 2011 : Calculation and appearance on-line of the first S.O. RADARSAT-2 interferogram , covering the period from August 2009 to May 2011.

- April – May – June 2011 : The automatic treatment procedure used for InSAR data, Interferomatic, is updated in order to be compatible with the new Cosmo-Skymes and RADARSAT-2 data. A new adjustment method for the Near Range is also incorporated into the procedure.

- 6 April 2011 : Calculation and appearance on-line of the first Cosmo-SkyMed interferogram by S.O., following updating of the Diapson software (© Altamira-Information).

- 15 February 2011 : Approval of INSU (National Institute for Earth Sciences and Astronomy) funding for the PNTS project «Evaluation of the TanDEM-X data for measuring topographic changes and ground movements induced by volcanic activity »

- 15 February 2011 : The first CosmoSkyMed (Band X) image is obtained for the S.O. from the Italian Space Agency. The image is of the Piton de la Fournaise, at 02.52 UT.

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