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V - The Database

Pre-treatment :

   As soon as a radar image is received, either via physical hardware (exabyte, CD or DVD) or through downloading an ftp file, it is pre-treated. The pre-treatment has two aims: either to extract part of the image for a preview (quicklook), or to take out the information which is potentially useful for further treatment. This pre-treatment is largely automised, and consists principally of decoding the different formats used by different Space Agencies for their images.


   The information extracted is then stored on the MySQL database : VOLInSAR. This database currently stores all the radar images from various projects (OI2 and others). All interferograms calculated are also stored in the VOLInSAR database with their different characteristics.


   CASOAR is a web interface developped in order to allow the VOLInSAR data to be consulted. A fuller description of this interface is available on the Help page for CASOAR.

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