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History :

15/10/2012Coherence Image of interferogram are visible in details view when possible.
30/09/2012Posibility to select a image resolution, very usefull to discrimed interferograms with multiple calculation.
25/02/2012Extend of the new chain of automatic calculation process to TerraSAR-X data.
18/01/2012Extend of the new chain of automatic calculation process to RadarSAT2 data.
15/12/2011New chain of automatic calculation process mainly base on bach scripts and Diapason software.
04/10/2011Modifications of default dates from 19700101 to 20300101 and default orbits from 0 to 99999.
29/09/2011Activation of RADARSAT 1 & 2 interferogram data base.
30/08/2011Improvement of the calculation of the Near-Range.
23/08/2011Activation of COSMO-SKYMED interferogram data base.
19/04/2011The map size in [MAP SELECTOR] is now adaptive to the windows size.
01/04/2011Activation of COSMO-SKYMED data base.
03/11/2010Adding of a button "EXPENDE/COMPACT" on each selectors.
06/10/2010Modification of RADARSAT data base to allow RSAT2 data.
08/09/2010Creation of CSS print stylesheet to allow the export of tables in PDF.
25/03/2010Automatic redirection from index to https adresse.
16/02/2010[TABLE SELECTOR] is rename in [LIST SELECTOR].
09/02/2010Updates of documentation.
18/12/2009Modication of login to allow Anonymous connection.
15/12/2009Automatique backup of MySQL data bases.
07/09/2009Update of this page.
03/09/2009Activation of TerraSAR-X interferogram data base.
21/07/2009Activation of TerraSAR-X data base.
31/03/2009Activation of RADARSAT data base.
19/03/2009Update and stabilisation of Import/Export of Selections into KZR file.
18/03/2009Insert of icon in GoogleMap label.
16/03/2009Possibility to have a second group for users.
13/03/2009Update of ERS_RAW data base to include old images.
16/10/2008Activation of ALOS PALSAR interferogram data base.
05/09/2008Correction of bug concerning Radarsat start and stop time.
04/06/2008Activation of Radarsat data base.
22/01/2008Activation of ERS_RAW and ERS interferogram data base.
13/12/2007Import/Export of Selectors.
08/12/2007Reseting Selectors Button.
08/12/2007Dynamic Memorising of Selectors.
06/12/2007Location of all type using Google-Map API and activation of the SelectMap page.
28/11/2007Users Management reserved for Administrators.
26/11/2007Activation of ALOS-PALSAR data base.
20/10/2007Modification of time scale to obtain one second per pixel precision.
24/07/2007The "Events" select parameters is adding in the main selector for all type of image.
13/06/2007Creation of a adaptative time scale for some visualisation.
05/06/2007User Guide (first version).
05/06/2007Translation in english.
31/05/2007Automatic Conversion of the Publication data base from ASCII to HTML (obs).
29/05/2007Possibility to classify table from captions.
15/05/2007Activation of "Information" for Project.
15/05/2007Activation of ENVISAT-MERIS data base
24/04/2007Computing Statistic for Administrators and Super-Users.
23/04/2007Validation under Safari (Mac-OS).
20/04/2007Some corrections for IE and Opera.
19/04/2007Modication and validation of DIV for Opera.
19/04/2007Activation of Shopcard.
18/04/2007Update of parameters (Start, Stop, Ligne, Colonne) in ENVISAT-ASAR database.
18/04/2007Fixing of Bug in link with Start and Stop of ENVISAT-ASAR database.
10/04/2007Update of ENVISAT-ASAR interferogram of VolInSAR_AS and OI2 project.
28/03/2007Possibility to select orbital filter for ENVISAT-ASAR interferograms.
28/03/2007Control of connection for administrators.
28/03/2007Start of this history.

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