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Routine measurements

Explosive eruptions

We perform routine measurements on past and active (quenched in the field) explosive products that allows tracking of:

  • Characterization of the plume (height, dispersion, intensity, volume, mass, duration, kinetic energy, particle size and distribution, componentry, morphology);
  • Fragmentation conditions (in terms of source, depth, efficiency and style of explosion);
  • Conditions operating in the volcanic conduit (in terms of magma density, porosity, connectivity, permeability, ascent rate, vesiculation and crystallinity histories and viscosity);
  • Magma chemical composition;
  • Their variations in space and time.

Effusive eruptions

We perform routine measurements on lava samples to follow, in space and time, changes in lava flow rheology, dynamics, morphology and chemistry.  

Sample characterization

Rock samples are characterized in terms of

  • Porosity;
  • Vesicle connectivity, and
  • Permeability.

Sample sets are defined in terms of their fragmentation characteristics, as defined by:

  • Size of the particle;
  • Clast morphology, and
  • Particle componentry

Finally, both lava fragments and pyroclasts are defined by:

  • Magma composition

The measurements are fast, reproducible, robust, statistically significant and easy to perform using instruments at the LMV textural laboratory.





Grain size

Grain componentry
and morphology



SEM                      http://wwwobs.univ-bpclermont.fr/lmv/labo/meb/meb.php

PROBE                  http://wwwobs.univ-bpclermont.fr/lmv/labo/mics/mics.php

ICP-AES               http://wwwobs.univ-bpclermont.fr/lmv/labo/icpaes/icpaes.php



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