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Active explosive fallout volcanic fields
(integration of field data and texture with geophysics)

Bombrun M, Harris A, Gurioli L, Battaglia J, Barra V (2015) “Anatomy of a strombolian eruption: inferences from particle data recorded with thermal video” Journal of Geophysical Research - Solid Earth 120(4):2367-2387. DOI.10.1002/2014BO11556

*Leduc L, Gurioli L, Harris AJL, Colo' L, Rose-Koga E (2015) "Types and mechanisms of strombolian explosions: characterization of a gas-dominated explosion at Stromboli" Bulletin of Volcanology 77:8. DOI: 10.1007/s00445-014-0888-5

Gurioli L, *Colo' L, Bollasina AJ, Harris AJL, Whittington A, Ripepe M (2014) “Dynamics of strombolian explosions: inferences from simultaneous physical and geophysical measurements" Journal Geophysical Research 119,DOI:10.1002/2013JB010355

Harris AJL, Battaglia J, Donnadieu F, Gurioli L, Kelfoun K, Labazuy P, Sawyer G, Valade S, Bombun M, Barra V, Delle Donne D, Lacanna G (2013) “Full bandwidth remote sensing for total parameterization of volcanic plumes” EOS 94:37, 321-322

Gurioli L, Harris AJL, *Colo L, Bernard J, Favalli M, Ripepe M, Andronico D, (2013) Classification, landing distribution and associated flight parameters for a bomb field emplaced during a single major explosion at Stromboli, Italy. Geology DOI 10.1130/G33967.1

Gurioli, L., Harris AJL, Houghton BF, Polacci M, Ripepe M (2008) Textural and geophysical characterization of explosive basaltic activity at Villarrica volcano, Journal Geophysical Research., 113, B08206, 2008, doi:10.1029/2007JB005328.


Past explosive activity
(integration of textural data with chemistry and/or petrological experiments)

*Shea T, Hellebrand E, Gurioli L, Hugh T (2014) “Conduit- to localized-scale degassing during Plinian eruptions: Insights from major element and volatile (Cl and H2O) analysis within Vesuvius AD79 pumice.” Journal of Petrology 55(2):315-344, DOI:doi:10.1093/petrology/egt069

*Alfano F, Bonadonna C, Gurioli L (2012) “Insights on rhyolitic eruption dynamic from textural analysis: the example of the May Chaitén eruption (Chile)” Bulletin of Volcanology DOI 10.1007/s00445-012-0648-3

*Shea T, Gurioli L, Houghton BF (2012) “Transitions between fall phases and pyroclastic density currents during the AD 79 eruption at Vesuvius: building a transient conduit model from the textural and volatile record” Bulletin of Volcanology 74:2363–2381, DOI 10.1007/s00445-012-0668-z

*Shea T, Gurioli L, Houghton BF, Cioni R, Cashman KV (2011) Transition from stable to collapsing column during the 79AD eruption of Vesuvius: the role of pyroclats density. Geology doi:10.1130/G32092.1

*Shea T, Gurioli L, Larsen J, Houghton BF, Hammer JE, Cashman KV (2010) Linking experimental and natural textures in Vesuvius 79AD white pumice. Journal Volcanology and Geothermal Research 190:271-289.

*Shea T, Larsen J, Gurioli L, Houghton B, Hammer J, Cioni R (2009) Leucite crystals: surviving witnesses of the pre-eruptive magma chamber of the 79AD eruption at Vesuvius, Italy. Earth Science Planetary Letters, doi:10.1016/j.epsl.2009.02.014.

Gurioli L, Houghton B, Cashman K, Cioni R (2005) Complex changes in eruption dynamics and the transition between Plinian and phreatomagmatic activity during the 79AD eruption of Vesuvius. Bulletin of Volcanology, 67, 144-159, DOI: 10.1007/s00445-004-0368-4.


Active lava fields (integration of texture with geophysics)

Harris JLA, *Rhéty M, Gurioli L, Villeneuve N, Paris R (2015) “Simulating the thermo-rheological evolution of channel-contained lava: FLOWGO and its implementation in EXCEL” From: Harris, A. J. L., De Groeve, T., Garel, F.&Carn, S. A. (eds) Detecting, Modelling and Responding to Effusive Eruptions. Geological Society, London, Special Publications, 426, http://doi.org/10.1144/SP426.9

*Morgan A H, Harris A, Gurioli L" (2013) “Lava discharge rate estimates from thermal infrared satellite data at Pacaya Volcano, and lava physical properties: 2004-2010.” Journal volcanological Geothermal Research

Past effusive activity (textural data)

Sehlke A, Whittington AG; *Robert B; Harris A; Gurioli L; Médard E (2014) "Pahoehoe to `a`a transition of Hawaiian lavas: an experimental study" Bulletin of Volcanology, 76:876. DOI 10.1007/s00445-014-0876-9

*Robert B, Harris AJL, Gurioli L, Médard, E, Sehlke A, Whittington A (2014) “Textural and rheological evolution of basalt flowing down a lava channel” Bulletin of Volcanology 76:824, DOI: 10.1007/s00445-014-0824-8

Methodological papers and reports

L. Gurioli, D. Andronico, P. Bachelery, H. Balcone-Boissard, J. Battaglia, G. Boudon, A. Burgisser, S.B. M.R. Burton, K. Cashman, S. Cichy, R. Cioni, A. Di Muro, L. Dominguez, C. D’Oriano, T. Druitt, A.J.L Harris, M. Hort, K. Kelfoun, J.C. Komorowski, U. Kueppers, J.L. Le Pennec, T. Menand, R. Paris, L. Pioli, M. Pistolesi, M. Polacci, M. Pompilio, M. Ripepe, O. Roche, E. Rose-Koga, A. Rust, L. Scharff, F. Schiavi, R. Sulpizio, J. Taddeucci, T. Thordarson (2015) “MeMoVolc consensual document: a review of cross-disciplinary approaches to characterizing small explosive magmatic eruptions” Bulletin of Volcanology 77:49. DOI: 10.1007/s00445-015-0935-x

*Shea T, Houghton BF, Gurioli L, Cashman KV, Hammer JE, Hobden BJ (2010) Textural studies of vesicles in volcanic rocks: an integrated methodology Journal Volcanology and Geothermal Research, doi:10.1016/j.jvolgeores.2009.12.

Gurioli L (2013) “Tracking and understanding volcanic emissions through cross-disciplinary integration: a textural working group” MemoVolc final report (4253)

*Shea T, Houghton B, Gurioli L, Cashman K, Hammer J, Hobden B, Stoval C, Carey R (2010) «SEM image processing with Photoshop»


Pyroclastic Density Current deposits: sedimentology, dispersion, temperature, and inferred flow directions

Zanella E, Sulpizio R, Gurioli L, Lanza R (2015) “Temperatures of the pyroclastic density currents deposits emplaced in the last 22 kyr at Somma-Vesuvius (Italy)” Geological Society Special Publications, Ort, M.H., Porreca M. & Geissman, J. W. (eds) 2015. “The Use of Palaeomagnetism and Rock Magnetism to Understand Volcanic Processes” Geological Society, London, Special Publications, 396:13–33

Doronzo DM, Khalaf E; Dellino P; de Tullio M; Dioguardi F; Gurioli L; Mele D; Pascazio G; Sulpizio R (2014) " Local impact of dust storms around a suburban building in arid and semi-arid regions: Numerical simulation examples from Dubai and Riyadh, Arabian Peninsula.” Arabian Journal of Geosciences DOI:10.1007/s12517-014-1730

Gurioli L, Zanella E, Gioncada A, Sbrana A. (2012) The historic magmatic-hydrothermal eruption of the Breccia di Commenda, Vulcano, Italy. Bulletin of Volcanology DOI 10.1007/s00445-012-0590-4

Gurioli L, Sulpizio R, Cioni R, Sbrana A, Luperini W, Santacroce R, Andronico D (2010) Pyroclastic flow hazard assessment at Somma-Vesuvius based on the geological record. Bulletin of Volcanology, DOI:10.1007/s00445-010-0379-2.

*Paterson GA, Roberts AP, Niocaill CM, Muxworthy AR, Gurioli L,. Viramont JG, Navarro C (2010) Palaeomagnetic determination of emplacement temperatures of pyroclastic deposits: an under utilised tool. Bulletin of Volcanology, doi 10.1007/s00445-009-0324-4.

Di Vito MA, Zanella E, Gurioli L, Lanza R, Sulpizio R, Tema E, Amato L, Bishop G, Boenzi G, De Filippis A, Laforgia E (2009) The Afragola settlement at Vesuvius, Italy: the destruction and abandonment of a Bronze Age village revealed by archaelogy, volcanology and rock-magnetism. Earth Science Planetary Letters 277:408–421

Zanella E, Gurioli L, Lanza R, Sulpizio R, Bontempi M (2008) Estimate of Deposition Temperature of the PDC Deposits of the AD 472 Pollena Eruption of Somma-Vesuvius, Italy. Bulletin of Volcanology, DOI 10.1007/s00445-008-0199-9.

Zanella E, Gurioli L, Pareschi MT, Lanza R (2007) Urban fabric influences on pyroclastic density currents at Pompeii (Italy): deposit temperature (part II). Journal Geophysical Research 112, B05214, doi:10.1029/2006JB004775

Gurioli L, Zanella E, Pareschi MT, Lanza R (2007) Influences of urban fabric on pyroclastic density currents at Pompeii (Italy): flow direction and deposition (part I). Journal Geophysical Research 112, B05213, doi:10.1029/2006JB004444.

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Gurioli L, Cioni R, *Bertagna C (1999) I depositi piroclastici dell’eruzione del 79 d.C.: caratterizzazione stratigrafica, sedimentologica e modelli di trasporto e deposizione. Atti Soc. Tosc. Sci. Nat., Mem., Serie A, 106, 61-72

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Cioni R, Sbrana A, Gurioli, L (1998) The AD 79 Plinian "Pompei" eruption. In: Orsi, G., Di Vito, M., Isaia, R. (eds) Volcanic Hazard and Risk in the Parthenopean Megacity, Field Excursion July 5-7, 1998. Cities on Volcanoes International Meeting, Roma e Napoli, 28 June-4 July. Osservatorio Vesuviano e Gruppo Nazionale per La Vulcanologia.

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Harris AJL, Gurioli L, *Hughes E, *Lagreulet “Impact of the Eyjafjallajökull Ash Cloud: A Newspaper Perspective. Submitted to the Special Session “The Eyjafjallajokull Volcanic Eruption in 2010”Journal Geophysical Research doi:10.1029/2011JB008735

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Aarburg S, Bachmann O, Bertagna C, Choux C, Gurioli L, Polacci M, Report Kos, Yali and Nisyros: CEV/IUGG 99 Birmingham Excursion C5, July 31-August 7, 1999. The CEV Newsletter, 99-2:3-11.




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