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Gurioli L, Vlastelic I, Di Muro A, Boudoire G, Moune S, Valer M, Bachelery P and Villeneuve N (April 10, 2015) "The June 2014 eruption of Piton de la Fournaise: Insights from field, textural and geochemical data" Journée scientifique "L'île de la Réunion et son contexte" IPGP, 10 April 2015, Paris

Organiser of the French-Canadian workshops on Insight on Magmatic and Volcanic processes, in 2014, Vancouver, Canada and in 2015, Clermont-Ferrand, France

IAVCEI Commission on Explosive Volcanism Workshop 2nd circular, "Advances in studies of volcanic plumes and pyroclastic density currents", 2009, Clermont-Ferrand, France

Moune, S. and Aguilera F. Volcanic Gas Project on Lascar and Lastarria volcanoes. CEV workshop, 2009, France

Moune, S. DOAS: Insights on volcanic gas monitoring (ESF Workshop) Lac Chambon, France September 11, 2009.

10th gas workshop CCVG-IAVCEI, 2008, Mexico city

Sulfur in glasses and melts - Bridging Earth Sciences and Glass sciences developments, methods, applications, 2007, Hannover, Germany

NOVAC workshop (use of the Mobile DOAS system -development, application and maintenance, 2006, Granada, Nicaragua

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