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Supervision :

PhD. Students :

Swetha Venugopal (Sept. 2015 - August. 2019) : "Magmatic volatile fluxes through two subduction zones: The Canadian Cascades and the Lesser Antilles". supervision: 70% (co-supervision: Glyn Williams-Jones, SFU, Canada). PhD in cotutelle UBP-SFU.

Ines Rodriguez (April 2011 - Sept. 2016) : "Pre-eruptive conditions and volcanic degassing processes of Irruputuncu and Lastarria Volcanoes, Chile". Supervision: 60% (co-supervision: O. Roche, LMV et Eduardo Campos, Universitad Catolica del Norte (UCN), Chili). Chilian PhD thesis in cotutelle with UBP.

Jeffrey Zurek (Janv. 2012 - Feb. 2016) : "Investigating the evolution of volcanic systems through interdisciplinary studies". Supervision: 30% (co-supervision: Glyn Williams-Jones, SFU, Canada). Canadian PhD thesis.

Gabrielle Menard (Janv. 2011 - May 2014) : "Trace element behavior during degassing processes. Study case of Piton de la Fournaise and Lascar volcanoes" Supervision : 35% (co-supervision : Ivan Vlastélic). Region Auvergne PhD

Master Students :

Roberta Spallazani (2015 - 2016) : "Comportement pré-éruptif du Piton de la Fournaise, via l'étude des gaz volcaniques par Multigas". Supervision: 50% (co-supervision Andrea Di Muro (OVPF, IPGP))

Swetha Venogupal (2014 - 2015) : "Sources characteristics of Cerro Negro volcano and Las Pilas-El Hoyo complex, Nicaragua, from melt inclusions". Supervision: 100%

Jean-Guillaume Feignon (2014 - 2015) : "Melt inclusion constraints on the pyroclast eruptions of Mocho-Choshuenco volcano, Chile". Supervision: 30% (co-supervision O. Roche, P. Schiano)

Swetha Venogupal (2013 - 2014) : "Melt inclusions and their implications of an interconnected magma chamber beneath Cerro Negro volcano and Las Pilas-El Hoyo complex, Nicaragua". Supervision: 100% at SFU

Baptiste Haddadi (2011 - 2012) : "Petrological studies of the 2011 Grimvotn eruption, Iceland". Supervision: 75% (co-supervision O. Sigmarsson)

Celine Mandon (2010- 2011) : "Study of thermal waters of Vulcano (Italy)". Supervision: 30%



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