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ALERT : ERUPTION of Eyjafjöll volcano(Iceland)

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Meteosat real-time images received at OPGC

Composite image from Meteosat (Hotvolc, LMV-OPGC)

Eruption of Eyjafjöll volcano (Iceland), // à h TU (data MSG)

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Last infos on the Eruption - 24 May 2010

The Eyjafjöll Icelandic volcano, whose eruption in April has created chaos in air traffic in Europe, causing numerous cancellations of flights, stopped spitting ash, said the authorities of Reykjavik.
Located 120 km southeast of the capital, the volcano now shows only minimal signs of activity. "Neither ash nor lava emanate from it. The volcano is sleeping for now but we are not to declare the outbreak over," said Sigthrudur Armannsdottir, a geographer at the Icelandic Meteorological Office. The experience of its last eruption in 1821-1823 shows that the volcano may in fact slow down in activity and then reset to erupt, "she argues. The danger alert was lifted but the monitoring status remains in force.
The Icelandic volcano Eyjafjöll that disrupted air travel for more than one month, is no longer erupting, announced Sunday, May 23 geophysicist Magnus Gudmundsson, adding it was too early to say whether the volcano has ceased. 'What I can confirm is that the activity of the crater has stopped. No more magma is coming up. "said the scientist from the University of Iceland. "The eruption has stopped, at least for the moment. Only smoke now emanates from the crater." he added. Geophysicist stressed however that it was "too early to say if this is the end of the eruption or just a temporary stop in activity

AFP, Reuters

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Meteosat animation second generation HRV RSS (5 minutes)

Animation J-1.

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Eruption movie from composite Meteosat images using 3 infrared channels (06-08 May

Red : 10.8µm image – 12µm image
Green : 10.8µm image – 8.7µm image
Blue : 10.8µm image

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Animation of the evolution of concentrations in the plume of ash

Mai 6th,from 8:00 to 22:00 every 30 minutes realized from MSG-SEVIRI data by the LMV-OPGC.

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Mass of volcanic ash and SO2 injected into the atmosphere (MODIS data-MSG-IMO

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Ground-based Lidar at Clermont-Ferrand (OPGC-LaMP)

The May 19.
After a cloudy sky during the morning and till 15:00 U.T.C., we can see a thin and vanishing layer between 2500 m and 3000 m A.S.L., that could be the end of the may 18th episod. For the moment, we have nothing to notice.



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