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Explosion details (2011)


Major Strombolian

Dates of the explosion




May 25rd 2011 14:05:25 GTM         

Ballistic  bomb velocities

140-160 m s-1

Ballistic bombs height

260-350 m

Gas speed

160-60  m s-1

FLIR thermal image sequence of the explosion of May 25, 2011 at 14h05 (GMT). The last image highlights the gas jet and the two bombs identified. The color scale ranges from black (25°C) to white (230°C).


Geophysical data (2010)

Seismic displacement and velocity

9.8 x10-6 m
2x10-4 m/s

Acoustic pressure

50 Pa (ROC station) 0.6 bar at the source

Radiometer amplitude

7.6 ° F

Thermal Video



a) 15 minutes long record at ROC station. The graph shows respectively the displacement (U/D), the pressure (Pr) and the thermal amplitude (Th) of the explosion (blue box) associated to the sampled rocks. b) The zoom of the 1 minute long of recorded trace containing the explosion. tsVLP, tsi, tsth are the onset, graphically showed with red dashed lines, of the chosen signal. Teth is the time at which the signals end.


Sample quantifications (2011)


Bombs from a normal Strombolian explosion

Particle morphology


Particle size

7-10 cm

Particle weight
Particle density
Particle porosity

1 Data table

Particle glass chemistry

1 Data table

Minimum size of vesicles counted (pixel)


Particle crystal content
Number of counted crystals x particle
Number of counted vesicles x particle
Particle 2D integrated vesicularity (%)
Particle Vesicle Number density

1 Data table

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