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Our ElectroMagnetic group (EMG) is primarily involved in the understanding, monitoring and forecast of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. We  combine electromagnetic (EM) and other geophysical methods for imaging in 3-D structures, and for monitoring volcanic and seismic activity. We develop specific equipments and custom-made processing methodologies, and contribute to identify the physical mechanisms generating EM signals.
EMG is also involved in applied geophysics as water resources as well as on fore-front researches as on low atmospheric plasmas giving rise to unknown luminous phenomena.
The team is involved in a large number of international cooperative studies (China, Greece, India, Indonesia, Italy, Kyrgyzstan, Japan, Norway, Philippines, Russia, Ukraine, USA, Djibouti ...) and contributes to develop international cooperation through the International IUGG Working Group on 'Electromagnetic Studies of Earthquakes and Volcanoes (EMSEV)'(http://www.emsev-iugg.org/emsev/).

Main fault in Asal rift (Djibouti, East Africa)

Piton de la Fournaise volcano (Réunion Island)

Main projects

Our ElectroMagnetic Group (EMG) works on :

  • The imagery of volcanic and geothermal structures as well as fault systems,
  • The identification of the sources in the crust involved in the generation of magnetic, electric and electromagnetic signals associated with eruptions and earthquakes,
  • The building of specific EM monitoring equipments,
  • Advanced data processing of large databases and the identification of signals related to eruptions and earthquakes,
  • The monitoring of volcanic and geothermal activities and pre-earthquakes signals,
  • The mechanisms generating EM signals.



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